Post Conference Tour


The post conference tour will take place at Domain of the Caves of Han situated in the Ardennes in Belgium on saturday 16 september : the
- 10 am: Visit of the caves, one of the biggest flagships of the European caves, in the morning at 10 am with Ewa Krywk
- 2pm: The Domain is also highly active in conservation management and breeding of several endangered species. We will have the opportunity to have a special tour with the biologist Anthony Kohler.
- 5.00 pm back to bus
- 6.30 pm arrival to Liege
- evening: free
If many of you need to be back in Bruxelles for Eurostar, we will try to organize one shuttle up to Bruxelles-Midi at 5pm from the Domain (maybe with additional fee, around 2 hour). - The post conference tour will be limited to 30 people. We estimate the cost to be not more than 60 euros for the full day (all included, transport, entrance,lunch).


If you decide to stay in Belgium for a couple of days and want to be in dormouse country (close to the field trip site), you can find excellent accommodation in the Youth Hostel in Voeren. The modern youth hostel “De Veurs” is famous for its breath-taking view and the typical Limburg hospitality. It is perfect for those who seek nature and relaxation, combined (or not) with a firm shot of adventure. The Voerstreek seems like a forgotten piece of Flanders, out of the grip of times. Six picturesque villages complete the beautiful scenery of large forests, prairies, hollow roads, babbling brooks, little chapels, castles and badger fortresses. It is the perfect destination for nature lovers. If you are looking for culture, go to one of the nearby cultural cities like Maastricht, Luik or Aachen!

There is a hazel dormouse trapping session on September 16th-18th in Voeren, so if there are people that really would like to join us we can arrange something (only a few spots available: contact Goedele Verbeylen).